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Product Description

IRD-2200 is a professional tool of authenticating the banknotes and security documents. it’s almost suitable for all the banknotes worldwide. It’s suitable for the cashiers in any bank. Compared with the plate CRT, its TFT LCD screen is nore durable and provides the colored display for checking the micro printing.

Power Adaptor Input 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz Output 12V DC
Current Consumption 1A
Detecting Mode Infrared Image Detecting Blink Infrared Detecting Micro-printing Detecting (for MC-2202) Infrared Micro-printing Detecting(for MC-2202) Ultraviolet Micro-printing Detecting(for MC-2202)
Operation Temperature 0-40 degrees centigrade
Storage Temperature (-20-60) degrees centigrade
  Packing Details
Dimensions(WxDxH) 245X128X150mm
Outer Packing 4units/carton
Carton Dimensions 445x420x330mm
Net Weight 4kg
Gross Weight 6.2kg