Money counter machines are indispensable equipment for financial institutions and public institutions. It is a device that automatically counts the number of banknotes and distinguishes the authenticity of the banknotes. The best money counter machine is the most cost-effective and the perfect solution for retail customers, banks, and front desks.

RIBAO Technology has more than 20 years of R&D experience, focusing on creating the smartest and most reliable multi-currency money counter machine for customers. Currently, research and development are still ongoing to equip the money counter machine with the latest counterfeit detection technology.

High Quality RIBAO Currency Counter & Value Counter BC-55 Wholesale-Suzhou RIBAO Technology Co. Ltd.
The RIBAO BC-55 is the most intelligent and reliable multi-currency banknote discriminator that applies two CIS and runs on the Linux system. This machine applies on our advanced image processing technology in order to recognize currency and discriminate denominations. The use of this detection technology ensures reliable acceptance of genuine notes and accurate stops of fake notes. With a 3.5 inch TFT touch screen and a user-friendly interface, all kinds of users can finish their daily cash processing jobs very easily.
Non-stop 1+1 pocket banknote counter and sorter BCS-160
The BCS-160 model is an non-stop 1+1 pocket banknote discriminator and sorter that is cost effective, reliable, and heavy duty. It is equipped with double CIS, the latest counterfeit detection technology. It is very easy to update the software by USB with the new issues and counterfeit banknotes.It can collect banknote images both through the USB and LAN port. This machine is ideal for bank tellers and CIT companies where banknotes need to be counted.
Cost Effective Value counter and discriminator One CIS BC-40
BC-40 is our new developed, most cost-effective solution for value counting and detection.It is a perfect solution for retail customer and bank front desk.
Heavy-duty and high speed coin counting machine suitable for worldwide round coins and tokens HCS-3300
HCS-3300 is a heavy-duty and high speed coin counting machine, suitable for worldwide round coins and tokens. It is widely used in banks, supermarkets,post office, casinos .etc
Heavy duty coin sorting and counting machine CS-600B
The CS-600B is a heavy duty coin sorting and counting machine. It can count and sort up to 600coins/min, calcualting both Qty and Amount at the same time. Compared with old model CS-600A, CS-600B has accurate batch function.
Best Quality Coin Sachet Machine with multisided coins
The coin sachet machine is best suited for countries with multisided coins, as they are loosely held in small plastic bank bags. This machine creates identical small clear plastic bags for any coin using a single roll of plastic film and a heated cutter. It ensures you an accurate, secure and cost-effective method of packaging large amounts of coins.
Heavy-duty and high speed coin counting machine with motorized hopper HCS-3500AH
HCS-3500AH is a heavy-duty and high speed coin counting machine with motorized hopper. Compared with HCS-3300, it has faster speed, bigger hopper and suitable for counting big coins with diameter more than 30mm as well as plastic tokens.