Dubai,  we are coming
We have gone to Dubai to participate in the exhibition GITEX 2021 with our mixed value counter. We know you may not be able to attend this exhibition due to the pandemic, so we prepared highlights of Ribao in Gitex for you to watch.


On October 16, 2021, the Ribao Technology team went to Dubai to participate GITEX world 2021 with our mixed denomination value counter..


The evolution of U.S dollars
The U.S dollar, the most widely used currency in the world, is also called the international currency. Let us look at dollar bill together in the vision of value counter.


The cutting edge of anti-counterfeit   ---dimensional layout sensor combination of bill couter
Currencies has undergone continuous development and iteration worldwide. As their anticounterfeiting capabilities get stronger and stronger, the technical methods used by counterfeiters has been improved at the time; some can even directly suppress the bumpy feeling of the real banknotes.


The eye of coin sorter/coin counter –alloy sensor
Alloy sensor, an essential part of a coin sorter, reads the information of every coin that goes through the machine, including its geniuses,denomination, quantity, etc. The alloy sensor accurately collects and transmits the feedback to the central processing unit of the machine.


EUROCIS2018.There is no doubt that without the high-quality customer service,  could not have been so popular in this market.


RIBAO  In CeBIT 2015
We attend CeBIT, the world’s largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions from 16 to 20 March, 2015 in Hannover, Germany as usual.We attend this show every year since 1996. This time, we demonstrated our latest product—–1+1 pockets discriminator/ banknote sorter, 1+1 pockets desk top coin sorter  and mini money detector. Because of its modern appearance and latest technology, we attracted many visitors, most of the professional visitors were deeply impressed by our new models and had a deep communication with us. We believe that our new models will have our footprint in competitive market.