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The RIBAO BC-55 is the most intelligent and reliable multi-currency banknote discriminator  that applies two CIS and runs on the Linux system. This machine applies on our advanced image processing technology in order to recognize currency and discriminate denominations. The use of this detection technology ensures reliable acceptance of genuine notes and accurate stops of fake notes. With a 3.5 inch TFT touch screen and a user-friendly interface, all kinds of users can finish their daily cash processing jobs very easily.


  • Description

Product Description

It is portable and takes up less space for cashiers.

Accurate Counting
Excellent performance counting both brand new and worn out notes.

TFT Screen
A 3.5 inch TFT touch screen allows for greater visibility.

Multicurrency Capability
1G of memory can support almost unlimited currency quantity.

Reliable Counterfeit Detection
Double CIS provide R\B\G\IR images for detection. It can detect the notes by UV, MG, MT, IR, CIS and serial number. There is also a super detection option that uses UV transmission and full MG coverage.

User Friendly Interface
Very easily understandable menu and interface makes the operation more smooth, customized interface offers more options according to preference.

Read and Print By Serial Number
It can read serial numbers from both sides, create a TXT format output and then prints the serial number.

Software Updates
The software can be updated through a USB memory stick, PC interface or online.

FW developing
The firmware software can be developed based on the data collected in field through a USB or LAN port.

Jam Removal and Sensor Cleaning
It is easy to open the passage from the rear side to clear jammed notes and clean the sensors.

Sleeping mode
The machine will enter sleep status after 5 minutes of idle status. When the START button is activated or the banknotes are put on the feeder, the machine will automatically wake up and enter the busy status

Hopper Capacity600pcs
Stacker Capacity200pcs
Currency Support5 currencies(Standard) 40 currencies(Option)
DisplayColor TFT-LCD (3.5 inch),Touch Screen
Suitable Note SizeLength: 100mm~175mm
Width: 50mm~90mm
Suitable Note Thickness0.05mm~0.12mm
Speed (pcs / min)800,1000,1200 (SDC MIX mode)
800,1000 (serial number reading mode)
Batch Number5-200pcs
ConnectivityUSB for data collection and software upgrade
RS232 for PC communication
RJ 12 for external display
WLAN for data collection and software upgrade in batch
SD card for data storage
Counterfeit DetectionUltraviolet detection(UV)
Magnetism detection(MG)
Metal thread detection(MT)
Infrared image detection(IR)
CIS image detection (double sides)
Counting modesPiece counting (CNT)
Value counting(SDC, MIX)
Auto recognition
Multi-currency mix counting
Batch (5-200)
Language SupportDifferent language for user's selection
Power SupplyAC 220V 50Hz ±10%
AC 110V 60Hz ±10%
Noise level60-75DB
Power consumptionStandby15W
Working environmentEnvironment temperature0~40°C)/humidity40~90%
Air pressure70-106kpa)
Storage environmentEnvironment temperature-40~55°C)/humidity10~95%
Air pressure70-106kpa)
Packing Details
Machine Dimensions(WxDxH)287(H)x240(W)x232(D)mm
Net Weight5.9kg
Transportation Packing2units/carton
Transport Carton Dimension380(H)x650(W)x350(D)mm
Gross Weight/carton16kg