Currency Sorter

Product Description


So compact it can be placed on a small table.

TFT Screen

It has an easy to read 3.5 inch TFT screen.

Multicurrency Capability

One machine can be installed with 20 different currencies.

Reliable Counterfeit Detection

It can detect notes by UV, MG, MT, IR, CIS and by serial number.

Serial Number Read and Print

It can read the serial number from both sides, output and print.

Software Updates

For new currency you can download updates through a USB memory stick or PC interface.

Banknote Info Collection

It can collect banknote, UV, MG and IR information through a USB or LAN port. RIBAO engineers can then use that information for software development.

Easy Jam Removal and Sensor Cleaning

There is a easy to open passage on the rear side in order to clear out jammed notes and clean the sensors.

Dust Proof Cover

There is a dust proof cover to help limit the user’s exposure to dust.


Hopper capacity500pcs
Stacker capacity200pcs
Rejected pocket capacityMAX 100pcs
Display3.5 inch TFT screen
Suitable note sizeLength: 100mm~175mm
Width: 50mm~90mm
Suitable note thickness0.05mm~0.12mm
Speed800/1000pcs/min(MIX & SDC Mode)
1200pcs/min(CNT Mode)
Batch number5~199pcs
ConnectivityExternal printer/PC port: RS232
LAN port:RJ45
External display port: RJ12
Software upgrade/Information collection port: USB/LAN
Save counted information port: Micro-SD card
Available currency softwaremore than 40 currencies
Operation modesSingle denomination sorting/Mix counting/Pieces counting/Face/Orientation Sorting
Counterfeit detectionUltraviolet detection(UV)
Magnetism detection(MG)
Metal thread detection(MT)
Infrared image detection(IR)
Power supplyAC 220V 50Hz ±10%
AC 110V 60Hz ±10%
Power consumptionSleeping mode ≦15W
Operation mode≦70W
Working ConditionTemperature(0~40°C)Humidity(40~90%)
Storing Condition


Air Pressure(70-106kpa)

Packing Details

Machine Dimension(LxWxH)315mmx330mmx330mm
Net Weight13kg
Transportation Packing1unit/carton
Carton Dimension415mmx415mmx475mm
Gross Weight/carton15kg

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They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.
  • Multi Currency Mixed Denomination Bill Counter BC-55
    Multi Currency Mixed Denomination Bill Counter BC-55
    Our core product, mixed denomination bill counter BC55, is a portable multi-currency value counter. It has advantages over most bill counters of the same size. It can recognize the denomination of banknotes, support 40 countries' currencies. At the same time, it comes with 12 kinds of counterfeit detection methods all in one machine. Compared to 1+1 banknote sorting machine, BC55 not only comes in a lower price but also is smaller in size and weight, making it portable and compact. BC-55 is designed to go with the tendency of reduced cash usage in the future. The RIBAO BC-55 is the most intelligent and reliable multi-currency banknote counter that applies two CIS and runs on the Linux system. This machine applies on our advanced image processing technology in order to recognize currency and discriminate denominations. The use of this detection technology ensures reliable acceptance of genuine notes and accurate stops of fake notes. With a 3.5 inch TFT touch screen and a user-friendly interface, all kinds of users can finish their daily cash processing jobs very easily .
  • Multi Currency Mixed Denomination Banknote Counter BC-40
    Multi Currency Mixed Denomination Banknote Counter BC-40
    BC-40 is our new developed, most cost-effective solution for value counting and detection.It is a perfect solution for retail customer and bank front desk.
  • Super Quality Coin Counter and Sorter 9+1 pockets CS-910S+
    Super Quality Coin Counter and Sorter 9+1 pockets CS-910S+
    Approved by ECB, the RIBAO CS-910S+ is a coin counting and sorting machine that can sort up to 9 denominations and will reject foreign coins, counterfeit coins and tokens etc. We have already developed customized software for 40 currencies. It is ideal for counting and sorting large volume coins fast and accurately.
  • High Speed Coin Counter and Sorter HCS-3300
    High Speed Coin Counter and Sorter HCS-3300
    HCS-3300 is a heavy-duty and high speed coin counting machine, suitable for worldwide round coins and tokens. It is widely used in banks, supermarkets,post office, casinos .etc
  • Compact Portable Coin Counter CS-10S
    Compact Portable Coin Counter CS-10S
    Tough, compact, and portable, the CS-10S combines the features most demanded in a coin counter. This is one of the smallest and fastest compact coin counters on the market. It’s the perfect choice for any application where small storage and operating footprints are required.
  • Ultra Heavy Duty Coin Counter Motorized Hopper HCS-3500AH
    Ultra Heavy Duty Coin Counter Motorized Hopper HCS-3500AH
    HCS-3500AH is a heavy-duty and high speed coin counting machine with motorized hopper. Compared with HCS-3300, it has faster speed, bigger hopper and suitable for counting big coins with diameter more than 30mm as well as plastic tokens.
  • Heavy Duty Coin Sorter 2+1 pockets Counterfeit Detection CS-311S
    Heavy Duty Coin Sorter 2+1 pockets Counterfeit Detection CS-311S
    The RIBAO CS-311S is a high quality mixed coin counting and sorting machine that is based on the rail principle. With two solenoids it can sort out one desired denomination from rest of genuine coins and detects/sorts out counterfeit and foreign coins/tokens etc. at the same time. Customized software has already been developed for 40 currencies, which  has been approved by the ECB.
  • Banknote deposit module DM-150D
    Banknote deposit module DM-150D
    We developed this banknote deposit module based on our 1.5 pockets banknote sorter BCS-160, its reliable and safe platfrom provide customer a safe and ideal solution for their banknote deposit system.
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