Product Description

Counterfeit detection
Latest alloy sensor technology ensures accurate batch count and counterfeit detection. Also can apply more sensor to monitor fraud activity.

Easy Maintenance
Tilt sorting rail,easy for cleaning and maintenance.

Software Upgrading
Support USB Port upgrade,easy and fast to operate.

Currency Support
More than 50 currencies are available.

Data communication
Communicate with deposit system via PC or through RS232 with complete and flexiable protocal, ensure reliable and safe data exchange

ApplicationDeposit System,Recycling System
SensorAlloy Sensor
Optional FeatureCIS  sensor;Openable Hopper
Counting Speedapprox.600pcs coins/min.(Diamater of 25mm;Thickness of 2mm)
Hopper Capacityapprox.600pcs coins(Diamater of 25mm;Thickness of 2mm)
Sorting Number6 genuine pockets, 1 reject pocket
Recognition NumberMax 20 denominations
Countable Coin SizeDiameter:14-33mm,Thickness:1.0-4.0mm
Machine Dimension(L*W*H)510X270X300mm
Package size640*415*470mm
Neight Weight19kg
Gross Weight22.5kg

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They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.
  • Operation video of BC-40 mix bill counter
    Operation video of BC-40 mix bill counter
    [Reads bills by denomination]: ideal for counting a mixed stack of bills and providing the total value as well as the number of bills counted. Also able to read multiple currencies multiple currencies (USD/CAD/MXN/EUR).[Saves time]: counts up to 1200pcs mixed bills per minute while automatically identifying denominations and tracking both the count and value of bills run through.[On-screen reporting]: Touch screen with a convenient user friendly interface and an on-screen detailed report showing the breakdown of count by denomination[Advanced counterfeit detection]: protects your business from counterfeits using CIS, UV, MG, IR counterfeit detector technology.
  • Operation instruction of RIBAO BCS-160 two pockets bill counter and sorter
    Operation instruction of RIBAO BCS-160 two pockets bill counter and sorter
    Automatically reads mixed stack of bills and count the total value and sort based on denomination, Easily divides large amount of mixed bills into bundles of $1, $2, $5, $20, $50, $100. Ideal for business bank deposit. Never stop counting or sorting for a suspect bill, incorrect denomination or face. Those bills are sorted out into the reject pocket at up to a speed of 1,200 bills/min.Mixed Denomination, Sort, Face, Orientation, Count, Auto/Manual, Add, Batch, Add & Batch.  100% accurate counting with advanced counterfeit detection (2 CIS, ultraviolet, magnetic and infrared sensors). Easy-to-use interface, large LCD display, on-screen report 
  • RIBAO BCS-160 banknote sorter Daily clean instrution
    RIBAO BCS-160 banknote sorter Daily clean instrution
    It is important to make daily clean and maintenance of the machine in order to make the machine work normally and smoothly.  Here is the video telling you how to clean various sensors, passage and image sensor. Those are the most crtical parts for a bill counter and sorter, because they are related to the counting accuracy and recognition of teh denomination and value. 
  • Production and QC facilities
  • How to start Multi Currency Value counting of BC-55
    How to start Multi Currency Value counting of BC-55
    BC-55 has 5 different counting modes: 1) MIX mode: count mixed denominations of single currency; 2) SDC mode: count one denomination of single currency; 3) CNT mode: count the number of notes only; 4) AUTO mode: read and count the currency based on the first note counted; 5)MULTI mode: read and count the different currencies at the same time
  • How to sort Mixed coins on CS-600B
    How to sort Mixed coins on CS-600B
    Before you pour the mixed coins into coin hopper, please use the pre-sorting tray inside the package to sort out some foreign objects like clips, staple, paper scraps, If foreign object blocks the rail, the coins may not be able to drop into the correct drawer, thus causing the counting result not accurate. Therefore, please check and remove all the foreign objects which are mixed into the coins before sorting.The coins you pour into the coin hopper should not exceed the MAX line on the disk
  • Daily Clean and Basic Maintenance of BC-55
    Daily Clean and Basic Maintenance of BC-55
    The proper setting of the machine is very important for you to operate the machine smoothly without misunderstanding1.Before your counting, please make sure there are no foreign items(such as staple, clip, coins)mixed with banknotes, it will cause jam and damage the internal parts of machine.2. Please adjust the note guider 2-5mm wider than the bill size3. Please ensure the feed gap is enough for one bill pass but two bills can not pass. Too wide feed gap can cause inaccurate counting and too tight feed gap can cause jam.4. Please select the correct counting mode and Currency before counting.
  • How to use BC-55
    How to use BC-55
    Why Choose RIBAO BC-55 Mixed Bill Counter?2 CIS Technology High resolution CIS(Contact image sensor)are installed in BC-55 to scan each counted bill like human eyes,which ensures the accurate recognition of value and effective detection of superdollar.Bank Grade Counterfeit Detection BC-55 detects each bill with 2CIS,UV,MG,IR,MT,MG,Dimension and Thickness.Serial Number record: When you set speed at 1000pcs/min, Serial Number reading feature is enabled automatically,it is very useful for money tracking and management.We can also provide a PC software for you to output the serial number and counting records to PC.
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