Currency Counter

The currency counter machine can count money quickly and accurately, saving time and money. Counting cash is labour-intensive and also prone to possible error. Detecting and then correcting those counting errors costs even more time. A good currency counter with counterfeit detection counts notes automatically and detects them as well which can cut the time shop staff spend on cash handling by over half. Daily cash routines are made simpler, faster and more efficient. With the money counter with counterfeit detection, employees spend less time on manual cash handling and can focus more on serving customers. RIBAO Technology focuses on providing customers with the latest technology currency counter machines.

High Quality RIBAO Currency Counter & Value Counter BC-55 Wholesale-Suzhou RIBAO Technology Co. Ltd.
The RIBAO BC-55 is the most intelligent and reliable multi-currency banknote discriminator that applies two CIS and runs on the Linux system. This machine applies on our advanced image processing technology in order to recognize currency and discriminate denominations. The use of this detection technology ensures reliable acceptance of genuine notes and accurate stops of fake notes. With a 3.5 inch TFT touch screen and a user-friendly interface, all kinds of users can finish their daily cash processing jobs very easily.
Cost Effective Value counter and discriminator One CIS BC-40
BC-40 is our new developed, most cost-effective solution for value counting and detection.It is a perfect solution for retail customer and bank front desk.