Early Built Models

Professional banknote counter BC-2000V
BC-2000V banknote counter is a heavy duty piece and amount counting machine with LCD screen. Its smooth, quiet and user-friendly operation fits for bank customers and retail market.
Multi function currency detector with mouse camera MD-8000
MD-8000 mutifunctional detector is a cost-effective but professional device which has reliable anti-counterfeit technology to check all kinds of checks, banknotes and security documents. It is suitable for retail, bank branches, Police Office, post office and places that require muti-functional detector for middle range.
THE BCS-150 model is an Non-stop 1+1 pockets banknote discriminator banknote sorter which is cost effective,reliable, and heavy duty machine.With the latest and advanced counterfeit detection technology, it is very easy to upgrade the software by USB to fit the new issues and new counterfeit banknotes. This machine is ideal for bank tellers and CIT company where banknotes need to be counted.
Durable banknote counter 3 speeds BC-2000
BC-2000 banknote counter is a heavy duty piece counting machine. Its smooth, quiet and user-friendly operation fits for bank customers and retail market.
CS-600A is a heavy duty coin sorting and counting machine. Count and calculate up to 600 coins per minute, with automatic sorting of 6 difference denominations.
Infrared currency detector with LCD screen IRD-2200
IRD-2200 is a professional tool of authenticating the banknotes and security documents. it’s almost suitable for all the banknotes worldwide. It’s suitable for the cashiers in any bank. Compared with the plate CRT, its TFT LCD screen is nore durable and provides the colored display for checking the micro printing.
Tough, compact, and portable, the CS-10 combines the features most demanded in a coin counter. This is one of the smallest and fastest compact coin counters on the market. It’s the perfect choice for any application where small storage and operating footprints are required.