Coin Counter

High speed coin counter HCS-3300: 

high speed heavy duty coin counter with extended hopper

Large capacity high speed coin counter HCS-3500AH: 

high speed heavy duty coin counter with motorized hopper, bigger capacity, control the flux, more friendly for big coins and tokens

Portable coin counter CS-10S: 

portable and compact coin counter 

High Speed Coin Counter and Sorter HCS-3300
HCS-3300 is a heavy-duty and high speed coin counting machine, suitable for worldwide round coins and tokens. It is widely used in banks, supermarkets,post office, casinos .etc
Compact Portable Coin Counter CS-10S
Tough, compact, and portable, the CS-10S combines the features most demanded in a coin counter. This is one of the smallest and fastest compact coin counters on the market. It’s the perfect choice for any application where small storage and operating footprints are required.
Ultra Heavy Duty Coin Counter Motorized Hopper HCS-3500AH
HCS-3500AH is a heavy-duty and high speed coin counting machine with motorized hopper. Compared with HCS-3300, it has faster speed, bigger hopper and suitable for counting big coins with diameter more than 30mm as well as plastic tokens.
Coin sachet machine Packing and Sealing Machine SBDO1
The coin sachet machine is best suited for countries with multisided coins, as they are loosely held in small plastic bank bags. This machine creates identical small clear plastic bags for any coin using a single roll of plastic film and a heated cutter. It ensures you an accurate, secure and cost-effective method of packaging large amounts of coins.